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NWPC Alameda North PAC Announces Endorsements for 2014 General Election

Endorsements Made in Key Contested Races in Berkeley, Oakland and San Leandro

For Immediate Release

September 7, 2014


Oakland, CA – Members of the National Women’s Political Caucus’ Alameda North Chapter met Saturday, September 6 to hear from candidates and ballot measure spokespeople before casting their ballots to determine endorsements for the 2014 General Election. In most races with more than one woman running, no candidate received the necessary number of votes, 60% of votes cast, to receive the endorsement. Endorsements were made, however, in three important races.


In the hotly contested Oakland City Council District 4 race, Anne Campbell Washington was endorsed over Jill Broadhurst. In Berkeley’s District 8 City Council race, Lori Droste was endorsed over Jacquelyn McCormick, and in the San Leandro Mayor’s Race, Pauline Cutter was endorsed over Diana Souza. In another surprise, NWPC reached a “No Endorsement” position in Oakland’s City Council District 2 race, even though Dana King was the only woman candidate seeking the endorsement. “No Endorsement”, rather than a “No Position” means not only that no candidate received 60% of the vote, but also that the “No Endorsement” option did meet that threshold, indicating a significant majority of members preferred not to endorse the candidate.


The full list of results is:



East Bay MUD, Ward 3: No Position

BART Board, Ward 4: Lena Tam (endorsed)

Peralta Trustee, Area 7: Julina Bonilla (endorsed)

Superintendent of Schools: Karen Monroe (endorsed)

Measure BB (transportation sales tax): Support



Mayor: Marie Gilmore (endorsed)

Alameda Unified School Board: Solana Henneberry (endorsed)

Alameda Hospital District: Tracy Jensen (endorsed)



City Council District 1: Linda Maio (endorsed)

City Council District 8: Lori Droste (endorsed)

Unified School District: Karen Hemphill and Julie Sinai (endorsed)

City Auditor: Ann Marie Hogan (endorsed)

Measure D (sugar-sweetened beverage tax): Support

Measure F (parks parcel tax): Support

Measure P (eliminate corporate personhood; advisory): Support

Measure Q (allow workers to request part-time work; advisory): Support



City Council District 2: No endorsement

City Council District 4: Anne Campbell-Washington (endorsed)

City Council District 6: No position

City Auditor: Brenda Roberts (endorsed)

Mayor: No position

Measure FF (minimum wage/paid sick days): Support

Measure N (Oakland School District parcel tax): Support

Oakland Unified School District 2: Aimee Eng (endorsed)

Oakland Unified School District 4: Nina Senn (endorsed)

Oakland Unified School District 6: Shanthi Gonzales (endorsed)



Mayor: Pauline Cutter (endorsed)


For more information, contact Jennifer Webber, 415.608.6223 (cell).