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Report Released on California's Women and Girls

To advance the equality of women and girls in California the state Commission on the Status of Women and Girls partnered with Mount St. Mary's College to release an update to it's 2012 findings. A year after this first study, five years after the recession, things are starting to look up. Having said that, there are still a number of areas women and girls fall behind in the golden state. 

Key finds of the study include: 

  • Women and girls remain underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and math careers.
  • The pay gap between working women and men in California is very real.
  • There are fewer women in California leadership spots.
  • The role of women in media remains limited.
  • 41% of California women have been victims of intimate partner violent in their lifetime. 

At NWPC we understand the health and wellbeing of women throughout our state is connected to women leading our state. We work hard to elect and appoint women to every level of leadership so these issues are addressed by those at the source. 

Now is the time to build momentum that will carry our women through to victory in 2014 (and beyond). Joining NWPC will help ensure next year's study, and the following years' studies, reflect a more equal and healthy status for women and girls in our state.

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